Addressing Climate Risk through Equitable Community Development

Join the San Francisco Fed for a virtual event on climate risk in the western United States. Participants will learn about the broad financial and economic impacts of climate change and explore how the community development field can take action to advance equitable climate adaptation and resilience.

Fed@YourDesk: The Economic Gains from Equity

Virtual Event

Gender and race remain largely unexplained predictors of labor market outcomes in the economy. Virtually join the San Francisco Fed on August 12 to learn how gender and racial disparities have hindered economic activity in significant ways and could continue to do so.

Equitable Access to Small Business Credit

Virtual Event

What role can the Federal Reserve play in facilitating access to credit for small businesses? Join the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco on Thursday, October 14, 2021 for a virtual event, Equitable Access to Small Business Credit.

Building a Thriving Care Workforce


The importance of care workers for both children and elderly or disabled adults has become even more clear during the COVID-19 pandemic. Working-aged people’s access to affordable caregiving has a direct impact on their ability to participate in the labor force.