Financing Education, Now and Into the Future

State and local governments play a critical role in funding and delivering K-12 education in the United States, but funding can vary from district to district, creating disparities that have been exacerbated by the pandemic.  Hear from economists, policy experts, and practitioners about how education finance has been impacted by the pandemic, the different types of […]

After High School

College enrollment is down. We’ll talk with administrators and educators at community colleges and four-year schools about keeping students engaged in education and helping them find the path to the workforce that’s best for them.

Connecting People to Jobs

Getting a degree or a certificate is one thing—getting a job is another, particularly given the uncertainty around where the labor market is headed. Educators and community and business leaders will share strategies to connect people to in-demand jobs.

District Dialogues: Human Capital Decisions and the Future of Work

Virtual Event

Decisions about education and training are complicated, especially given the uncertainty in the labor market. On February 8, join the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond to explore how the future of work is changing human capital decisions and what skills will be needed in the economy of tomorrow.

District Dialogues: Addressing the Wealth Gap

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond 701 E Byrd St, Richmond, Virginia

Explore black-white wealth disparities and their consequences for the economy. A panel of experts will field audience questions related to the origins of these disparities, their economic impact, and opportunities to address them.

District Dialogues: The Economics of an Aging America

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond 701 E Byrd St, Richmond, Virginia

Join the Richmond Fed for a District Dialogues forum bringing together leading experts to discuss the economics of aging in America.