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Little girl embracing her mom in her home office.
By Jennifer Fernandez
Explore the real stories of four women striving for work-life balance, as revealed through the Aspen Institute’s Women in the Economy survey. They share their ideas about how the economy might work better for women.
Aerial shot of a neighborhood in Roanoke, Virginia
By Sierra Latham
CDFIs shared innovative practices for supporting homebuyers, homeowners, and residential real estate developers in their responses to the Federal Reserve’s 2023 CDFI Survey.
Doug Erb and his family
By Jennie Blizzard
Discover how a dedicated music teacher, Doug Erb, rooted himself in rural Nebraska, navigating the challenges of finding affordable housing and contributing to community growth.
Shot of a young mother and young boy unpacking moving boxes while the father and toddler rest against the window with a sold sign in it.
By Gabriella Chiarenza
Homeownership is still a major way average families build wealth, and recent data show racial and ethnic homeownership gaps began to lessen slightly during the pandemic. Does this mean the racial wealth divide will shrink?
Dr. Niki vonLockette and Sergio Galeano
By Sergio Galeano
This podcast explores the challenges of labor market disparities and economic inequality. Dr. Niki vonLockette shares insights into systemic discrimination and policies for equal employment opportunities.
Blossom Johnston
By Jennie Blizzard
Blossom Johnston's strong connection to nature in rural communities, and her passion for children, led her to Idaho almost 40 years ago.
Jane Santa Cruz of the Dallas Fed speaks to an audience at a recent conference focused on digital inclusion.
By Jane Santa Cruz
With digital access becoming increasingly necessary, researchers and practitioners consider the role research plays in informing digital inclusion efforts.
Bank of Bird-in-Hand mobile branch bus parked on the side of the road as a horse and buggy pass by.
By Alaina Barca, Crystal Flynn
Two community banks, Bank of Bird-in-Hand and BankOnBuffalo, combat banking deserts in a unique way by bringing access to financial services to the communities that they serve. 
Business district located in a rural American town.
By Nick Haltom, Stephanie Norris
Get insightful data and findings from the Richmond Fed's 2023 CDFI Survey, highlighting the impact and challenges of rural CDFIs.
Multi-cultural crowd of people.
By Fed Communities Staff
Here’s what nonprofit and community leaders, and workforce professionals serving lower-income people shared with the Federal Reserve for the January 2024 Beige Book.