Our Commitment to Racial Equity

The United States economy needs to work for everyone. We commit to doing our part.

Fed Communities is a small team of employees seeking to amplify the work of Reserve Banks across the country. As part of the nation’s central bank, therefore, Fed Communities has a role to play in making the economy more equitable for historically marginalized people, including individuals and communities of color.

At Fed Communities, we commit to facing systemic racism and economic inequity head-on—in the stories we tell, in the research and data we share, and in the ways we engage with colleagues and community representatives. We commit to ensuring that diverse perspectives are represented throughout our creative process and in what we deliver. Like our colleagues who conduct the research and analyses that we feature, we pay particular attention to how racial equity affects the people, communities, and issues we examine and highlight in the work of the Federal Reserve.

We know that language is significant. Fed Communities strives to support racial equity and economic opportunity with the words we use.

We inspire ideas and foster connections

Our team embraces four core values that guide our editorial decisions, our interactions with each other, and our work with and for communities.

  • Empathy. We strive for understanding and to learn from each other. We actively listen to and partner with others working toward a more equitable economy.
  • Inclusivity. We acknowledge, respect, and value our differences and all that we have in common, in our own offices and in the communities we serve.
  • Equity. We know barriers to economic prosperity are often structural and systemic and that they disproportionately affect people and communities of color. We seek to inspire insights, stimulate ideas, and foster collective actions that break down these barriers.
  • Integrity. Fed Communities is an ambassador for the Federal Reserve’s work in communities. Like the Federal Reserve System, we are independent, objective, and nonpartisan.

Through our digital channels, we connect people pursuing a more equitable economy with the resources of the Fed, including our experts. We highlight successful partnerships and meaningful outcomes.

As we strengthen existing partnerships and facilitate new ones, Fed Communities will focus on

  • Promoting and increasing gender and ethnic diversity with our collaborators.
  • Continuing to build our foundation of allyship, antiracism, antibias, and other initiatives that promote racial equity.
  • Actively and continuously uncovering our own biases, an exploration which empowers us to discern options that are more equitable (or less inequitable) than we’d previously been able to identify.

Together, we can make a difference.