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Featured - Community Development Resources

REGISTER NOW — Growing Entrepreneurial Communities

Join us Nov. 3 for a Connecting Communities® webinar focusing on the emerging field of entrepreneurship-based economic development. Experts will provide information from communities that have effectively used entrepreneurship to generate local economic growth. Speakers include Dell Gines, Senior Community Development Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City; Deborah Markley, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Center for Rural Entrepreneurship; Maria Meyers, Executive Director, KCSourceLink; and Erik Pedersen, Vice President of Entrepreneurship, NetWork Kansas.

REGISTER NOW — Bringing Clarity to Impact Investing

Join us Nov. 17 for a Connecting Communities® webinar focusing on the impact in impact investing. In Navigating Impact Investing, experts propose creating impact classes as a way to optimize the process of matching an investor’s unique preferences with the right opportunities. Co-authors Ben Thornley (Tideline) and Cathy Clark (Duke University) will share their proposed impact classes, the feedback they’ve received from stakeholders, and how to turn this concept into reality. Sasha Dichter (Acumen) will offer a practitioner’s reflections on what an impact class framework may mean for the impact investing field.

REGISTER NOW: Financial Capability and Inclusion: Tools and Strategies to Promote Personal Savings

This Exploring Innovation in Community Development webinar on Oct. 18, 2016, will focus on innovative programs and products that are available to assist individuals and families save, as well as various ways to make saving a fun and satisfying experience. Speakers include Theresa Schmall from CFSI and Nashila Somani-Ladha from the Doorways to Dreams (D2D) Fund.

Following the Money

Interested in exploring how grant capital to support community and economic development is distributed across metropolitan areas in the United States? Check out this new data tool: Following the Money. Based on data provided by the Foundation Center that captures all grants of at least $10,000 made by the 1,000 largest foundations between 2008 and 2013, the Following the Money data tool and infographic report provide a comprehensive look at the data from more than 366 U.S. metropolitan areas. Interactive data and results from the analysis are provided by the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta and Philadelphia.


Consumer Credit Explorer

Interested in learning consumer credit trends in your region? The Consumer Credit Explorer (CCE) is a new interactive tool for examining trends in consumer credit use at the regional, state, and national levels. The CCE enables users to look at quarterly changes in credit use indicators from 2005 to 2015 and to compare indicators across different areas. Check out the CCE and examine key credit use indicators related to mortgage debt, auto debt, student loan debt, debt collections, and others. Users can view these indicators by borrowers’ neighborhood income, credit score, and age.

CRA Final Revisions to Interagency Questions and Answers

The Federal Reserve and other bank regulatory agencies with responsibility for the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) rulemaking published final revisions to "Interagency Questions and Answers Regarding Community Reinvestment". The document provides additional guidance to financial institutions and the public on the agencies' CRA regulations.

Closing the Digital Divide: A Framework for Meeting CRA Obligations

Access to broadband has become an essential component of economic opportunity and financial well-being, yet there is a significant digital divide in many underserved communities.This Dallas Fed publication is a practical guide for financial institutions that shows how digital inclusion can improve the lives of low- and moderate-income individuals who have limited access to broadband infrastructure. It presents best practices and information on lending, services and investments that can help close the digital divide and contribute to an inclusive and vibrant entrepreneurial economy.

Federal Reserve Community Development Perspectives

Ever wonder about the Federal Reserve’s involvement in the field of community development? Wonder no more. Released in June 2014, Federal Reserve Community Development Perspectives: A summary of activities, insights, and future opportunities answers the "what," "why" and "how" of the Fed's role in community development. The report highlights the Fed’s recent efforts to address barriers to economic growth, and promote fair and informed access to financial markets. Featuring brief summaries of its community development work organized into four focus areas--people, place, the policy and practice of community development, and small business--the report includes background information that helps to provide context for this work, a sampling of key research, outreach programs and other initiatives, as well as some ideas on future challenges, needs and opportunities.

VIDEO | An Introduction to the Community Reinvestment Act

This short, seven-minute video highlights the purpose, application and importance of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), a law that helps bring billions of dollars in bank capital to low- and moderate-income communities every year. Understanding how this law works is essential for banks looking to make impactful loans and investments, non-profits seeking funding, and communities wanting to ensure their financial institutions are operating in fair and responsive ways. Learn how the CRA works and what it means for communities across the country.


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