Small Business

Business district located in a rural American town.
By Nick Haltom, Stephanie Norris
Get insightful data and findings from the Richmond Fed's 2023 CDFI Survey, highlighting the impact and challenges of rural CDFIs.
Sign with sticky notes stating "What's your purpose"
By Carrie Cook
CDFIs play a critical role in getting capital into underserved communities. Findings from the Fed’s 2023 CDFI Survey, discussed at OFN’s annual conference, highlight opportunities and challenges facing the industry.
Open sign with American flag
By Liz Duda
Small-business ownership allows military veterans to leverage skills gained while they served. The Fed’s Small Business Credit Survey shares insights about how veteran-owned businesses are doing.
Older couple seated at a deli
By Gabriella Chiarenza
The New Jersey Economic Development Authority and the Philadelphia Fed teamed up to explore equitable post-pandemic recovery and credit access for the state’s small businesses using data from the Fed’s Small Business Credit Survey.
2023 Small Business Credit Survey (SBCS)
By Emily Corcoran
Help inform policy conversations and decision-making. Take the Federal Reserve Small Business Credit Survey.
2023 CDFI Survey
By Carrie Cook
Results from the 2023 Federal Reserve CDFI Survey are in. Get a first look at high-level findings about challenges in meeting demand, product innovation, and more.
Ellie Flinchum, Whitney Felder, and Amir Watkins-Usher stand in front of the seal of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
By Amir Watkins-Usher, Ellie Flinchum
Two rising high school seniors share insights from a Black small-business owner about the challenges of running a small lawn care business.
Black businessman with short hair, a black shirt, and wearing glasses talks on the phone. He sits at a wooden desk with framed photos on the wall behind him.
By Lucas Misera
Half of businesses survive at least five years but many start on shaky financial footing. The Federal Reserve Small Business Credit Survey reveals unique funding challenges for startups owned by people of color.
Female worker at coffee shop ringing out customer
By Fed Communities Staff
Find out how small businesses are dealing with hiring challenges, supply chain disruptions, and rising costs, plus what credit access gaps remain now that pandemic-related funding programs have ended. Watch or listen on demand.
Federal Reserve CDFI Survey
By Carrie Cook
Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) are important to closing gaps in credit and capital access. The 2023 CDFI Survey aims to find out how CDFI demand and capacity have changed in the last two years.