Aerial shot of a neighborhood in Roanoke, Virginia
By Sierra Latham
CDFIs shared innovative practices for supporting homebuyers, homeowners, and residential real estate developers in their responses to the Federal Reserve’s 2023 CDFI Survey.
A group of people at a ribbon cutting ceremony in front of a new home.
By Jennie Blizzard
Discover how the Central Nebraska Economic Development District champions affordable housing in rural Nebraska. Executive Director Judy Petersen shares innovative strategies and financing mechanisms for delivering housing solutions in small communities.
Doug Erb and his family
By Jennie Blizzard
Discover how a dedicated music teacher, Doug Erb, rooted himself in rural Nebraska, navigating the challenges of finding affordable housing and contributing to community growth.
Shot of a young mother and young boy unpacking moving boxes while the father and toddler rest against the window with a sold sign in it.
By Gabriella Chiarenza
Homeownership is still a major way average families build wealth, and recent data show racial and ethnic homeownership gaps began to lessen slightly during the pandemic. Does this mean the racial wealth divide will shrink?
Tracy Choi runs on a beach in South Korea
By Jennie Blizzard
"We’re not going to change a community system or problem overnight. We want sustained involvement to help create long-term changes," says Tracy Choi of the San Francisco Fed. Get to know Tracy and her work.
Water floods neighborhood in the Midwest
By Fed Communities Staff
Recovering from natural disasters can be difficult for underserved communities, with limited access to disaster funds & insurance. The Federal Reserve & FEMA share how their programs can help low- to moderate-income communities respond. Watch or listen on demand.
Sold welcome mat
By Gabriella Chiarenza
Homeownership is an onramp to wealth for some Americans. For others, buying a house is out of reach. Here’s one way to pinpoint who is getting their foot in the door, and where.
scenic seasonal landscape from above aerial view of a small town in countryside Cleveland Ohio US
By Leilani Barnett, Bonnie Blankenship, Jonathan Kivell, Carmi Recto
Creating affordable housing in low- and moderate-income communities in the United States is a major challenge. Find out how some districts are addressing the issue.
Woman reading eviction notice in kitchen
By Hal Martin
What's the relationship among trends in local market conditions, policies enacted to protect renters, and local eviction filings? Here’s what the data tell us.
Shonterria Charleston
By Ellen Simon
For Housing Assistance Council, rural development issues include broadband access and helping veterans fund home improvement projects.