Carpenter sanding wood
By Sergio Galeano, John Rees, Elizabeth Bogue Simpson
Worker Voices participants described the challenges facing individuals without a four-year degree as they navigated the job market during a global pandemic. Common barriers to work included an evolving labor market, individual attributes, work-family conflicts, and concerns regarding individual well-being.
Focused women working at a laundry service ironing clothes
By Patrick T. Harker
As we think of ways to build the strong economy of tomorrow, we cannot afford to […]
Papia Dobrev and Sergio Galeano
By Sergio Galeano
The labor market has transformed since the previous Uneven Outcomes conference. In this interview, we catch up with Papia Debroy who shares more on the concept of “Skills Through Alternative Routes.”
Mother and child speaking with advocate
By Fed Communities Staff
Explore Benefits Cliff from the perspective of employers, the Federal Reserve, and community leaders who help families navigate public assistance programs and plan for career advancement opportunities. Watch or listen on demand.
By Gabriella Chiarenza
A benefits cliff can make a family feel like their hard work really isn’t paying off or helping them get ahead. Why is the benefits cliff issue so hard to address? And what are some communities doing to tackle it?
Worker voices special brief on job quality
By Theresa Dunne, Keith Wardrip
For Worker Voices participants, a quality job checks five boxes. Workers with a quality job are adequately compensated, treated well, secure in their position, given flexibility around hours and location, and engaged with the work.
Open Concept Office, Where a Work Meeting is Being Held
By Alison Shott
What can communities learn about creating equitable workforce systems? A lot with help from the Reinventing Our Communities cohort.
Marsha Edwards in the Martha O'Bryan Center
By Gabriella Chiarenza
Find out how a pilot program in Nashville, Tennessee plans to help 900 families overcome the benefits cliff.
Mackeisha Jenkins
By Gabriella Chiarenza
In this 3-minute documentary, get to know people participating in a pilot program in Nashville, Tennessee that expects to help 900 families navigate benefits cliffs.
Woman working on an assembly line
By Fed Communities Staff
What do workers expect of job quality? How are they using skill development and self-investment to change their economic opportunities? Here’s what recent research tells us. Watch or listen on demand.