Contributor: Atlanta Fed

A diverse group of preschoolers in a classroom.
By Benjamin Horowitz
Affordable, high-quality child care can be difficult for parents to access. Here is what Fed researchers have learned about supply constraints and demand challenges that hinder equitable access to quality child care.
Julie Siwicki holding her foster dog.
By Jennie Blizzard
Julie Siwicki works hard to make sure the perspectives of community partners are part of the research formula.
Group of diverse multi-ethnic people communicating
By Jon Ford, Julie Siwicki, Jennifer Wilding
Communities benefit when research is conducted collaboratively with community members rather than to them. Here are five ways this approach, called participatory research, is different from a typical research process and how it benefits communities.
March 2023 Community Perspectives, Conditions
By Federal Reserve Community Development Staff
Here’s what nonprofit and community leaders, and workforce professionals serving lower-income people, shared with the Federal Reserve for the Beige Book.
Deonne Luacaw
By Gabriella Chiarenza
Losing public assistance benefits when their income goes up incentivizes some workers to stay in low-paying jobs. It discourages others who are willing to work from joining the workforce. Explore the issue and what's being done.
Two men and two women in focus group conversation
By Sarah Miller, Ashley Putnam
Businesses tell us they're having a tough time hiring and retaining workers. Do people not want to work or is something deeper going on? We're conducting focus groups with workers to find out what's going on. Here's what we've learned so far.
Charly at the grand opening of the Enterprising Latina’s Wimauma Opportunity Center
By Jessica King
Get to know the Atlanta Fed's Charly van Dijk and her work on the Southern Cities Economic Inclusion Initiative.
Children at preschool pointing to globe
By Fed Communities Staff
The pandemic highlighted the important role early care and education (ECE) plays in supporting working-age parents. In this webinar, gain insights from research on the cost of providing high-quality ECE, challenges low- and moderate-income families face in paying for it, and the racial and ethnic equity issues at play. Watch on demand.
Cafe worker, like those at risk of going over the benefits cliff, assists a customer
By Fed Communities Staff
Landing a better-paying job is the dream of many Americans. But what happens when a higher salary makes it harder to pay the bills?
Perspectives from Main Street
By Nishesh Chalise, Violeta Gutkowski
The spread of COVID-19 and the many efforts to slow it are impacting communities throughout the nation. To best respond to this crisis, information is needed about the scope and scale of challenges in various communities. This report offers findings of a survey designed to collect information on the effects of COVID-19 on low- to moderate-income people and communities and the entities serving them. The survey was fielded by eight national partners and the Federal Reserve System's community development function.