Equitable Development

Perspectives from Main Street
By Nishesh Chalise, Daniel Paul Davis, Michael Grover, Violeta Gutkowski, David Kaufmann, Karen Leone de Nie
Throughout 2020, the Federal Reserve surveyed nonprofits, financial institutions, government agencies, and other community organizations to understand the effects of COVID-19 on low- to moderate-income communities and the entities serving them. Here's what they found.
Marija Bingulac with her dog
By Kierra Karemani
For Marija Bingulac, a commitment to overturning inequities is bound(ary)less. Get to know the Boston Fed community development researcher.
Andrew Dumont
By Kierra Karemani
“Shining a light on inequities that prevent people from reaching their full potential—I feel blessed that I get to do that every day," says Andrew Dumont. Get to know Andrew and his work in rural development.
Tiffany Hollin Wright
By Greg Babb
Get to know Tiffany Hollin Wright and her life’s work to knock down the obstacles holding others back, using data and personal stories to create shared understanding.
Maude Toussaint-Cameau
By Kierra Karemani
Get to know Maude Toussaint-Comeau and how her extensive career in the community development space highlights her true passion: the people at the heart of the communities she researches.