Worker Voices Special Brief: Perspectives on Job Quality

Worker voices special brief on job quality
By Theresa Dunne, Keith Wardrip
For Worker Voices participants, a quality job checks five boxes. Workers with a quality job are adequately compensated, treated well, secure in their position, given flexibility around hours and location, and engaged with the work.
Connecting Communities header graphic, Connecting communities branding and stock photo of woman reviewing charts
By Fed Communities Staff
Discover how CDFIs are faring in today’s economy. Learn about their products and services, existing challenges, and potential solutions revealed by the Federal Reserve’s latest CDFI survey. Watch or listen on demand.
Steve Howland
By Jessica King
Steven Howland shares how curiosity drives his research and helps him address economic issues faced by lower-income populations.
2023 Small Business Credit Survey (SBCS)
By Emily Corcoran
Help inform policy conversations and decision-making. Take the Federal Reserve Small Business Credit Survey.
Open Concept Office, Where a Work Meeting is Being Held
By Alison Shott
What can communities learn about creating equitable workforce systems? A lot with help from the Reinventing Our Communities cohort.
Row of urban housing units
By Gabriella Chiarenza
The US racial wealth gap isn’t shrinking. Here’s why strategies that consider the problem’s deeper roots could make a difference.
Community Perspectives and Conditions September 2023
By Federal Reserve Community Development Staff
Here’s what nonprofit and community leaders, and workforce professionals serving lower-income people shared with the Federal Reserve for the September 2023 Beige Book.
Close up photo of male hands holding bill and pen and female hands hugging him while they doing home finances together online on a laptop computer in the kitchen.
By Dan Gorin
Small-dollar credit, like loans under $1,000, can help people handle unexpected expenses or income fluctuations. But affordable and accessible options are needed.
Townhouses featured on cover of the Survey of Household Economics and Decisionmaking
By Federal Reserve Community Development Staff
Previous and current Community Advisory Council Members discuss how Survey of Household Economics and Decionmaking (SHED) findings impact their communities and organizations.
2023 CDFI Survey
By Surekha Carpenter, Nick Haltom, Sierra Latham, Stephanie Norris, Hailey Phelps, Kai Amado
From April 24 through June 2, 2023, the Federal Reserve fielded the 2023 CDFI Survey. Respondents touched on demand for products and services, innovation, and impacts of rising interest rates, a tight labor market, and rising wages. Here's what 453 CDFIs said about their financial well-being and the road ahead.