Steve Howland
By Jessica King
Steven Howland shares how curiosity drives his research and helps him address economic issues faced by lower-income populations.
Marsha Edwards in the Martha O'Bryan Center
By Gabriella Chiarenza
Find out how a pilot program in Nashville, Tennessee plans to help 900 families overcome the benefits cliff.
Mackeisha Jenkins
By Gabriella Chiarenza
In this 3-minute documentary, get to know people participating in a pilot program in Nashville, Tennessee that expects to help 900 families navigate benefits cliffs.
Tony Davis sightseeing in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro
By Kierra Karemani
Tony Davis builds on what makes each community unique when developing strategies to improve social determinants of health. Get to know Tony and his work at the New York Fed.
By Gabriella Chiarenza
Experts and policymakers reveal steps they’re taking in Maine to effect change within a challenging system with help from those who’ve navigated benefits cliffs.
Kandie Cleaves
By Gabriella Chiarenza, Steve Osemwenkhae
Facing a benefits cliff can make accepting a new or better job surprisingly difficult. Hear from three advocates in Maine who are using their own experiences to change things for the better.
Tracy Choi runs on a beach in South Korea
By Jennie Blizzard
"We’re not going to change a community system or problem overnight. We want sustained involvement to help create long-term changes," says Tracy Choi of the San Francisco Fed. Get to know Tracy and her work.
Mike Eggleston, St. Louis Fed
By Crystal Flynn
Mike Eggleston uses collaboration and research to expand partnerships in lower- income communities with the goal of increasing economic mobility for residents.
Julie Siwicki holding her foster dog.
By Jennie Blizzard
Julie Siwicki works hard to make sure the perspectives of community partners are part of the research formula.
Gar Kelley gives the Father of the Bride speech at his daughter's wedding.
By Jennie Blizzard
Gar Kelley uses faith and experience to influence economic potential in underserved communities.