Mother and child speaking with advocate
By Fed Communities Staff
Explore Benefits Cliff from the perspective of employers, the Federal Reserve, and community leaders who help families navigate public assistance programs and plan for career advancement opportunities. Watch or listen on demand.
Connecting Communities header graphic, Connecting communities branding and stock photo of woman reviewing charts
By Fed Communities Staff
Discover how CDFIs are faring in today’s economy. Learn about their products and services, existing challenges, and potential solutions revealed by the Federal Reserve’s latest CDFI survey. Watch or listen on demand.
Row of urban housing units
By Gabriella Chiarenza
The US racial wealth gap isn’t shrinking. Here’s why strategies that consider the problem’s deeper roots could make a difference.
Townhouses featured on cover of the Survey of Household Economics and Decisionmaking
By Federal Reserve Community Development Staff
Previous and current Community Advisory Council Members discuss how Survey of Household Economics and Decionmaking (SHED) findings impact their communities and organizations.
Marsha Edwards in the Martha O'Bryan Center
By Gabriella Chiarenza
Find out how a pilot program in Nashville, Tennessee plans to help 900 families overcome the benefits cliff.
Mackeisha Jenkins
By Gabriella Chiarenza
In this 3-minute documentary, get to know people participating in a pilot program in Nashville, Tennessee that expects to help 900 families navigate benefits cliffs.
Woman working on an assembly line
By Fed Communities Staff
What do workers expect of job quality? How are they using skill development and self-investment to change their economic opportunities? Here’s what recent research tells us. Watch or listen on demand.
Kandie Cleaves
By Gabriella Chiarenza, Steve Osemwenkhae
Facing a benefits cliff can make accepting a new or better job surprisingly difficult. Hear from three advocates in Maine who are using their own experiences to change things for the better.
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By Fed Communities Staff
How did inflation affect families last year? Did trends shift in the use of emerging financial products? This recent discussion with the Federal Reserve Board of Governors explores findings from the Survey of Household Economics and Decisionmaking (SHED). Watch or listen on demand.
Water floods neighborhood in the Midwest
By Fed Communities Staff
Recovering from natural disasters can be difficult for underserved communities, with limited access to disaster funds & insurance. The Federal Reserve & FEMA share how their programs can help low- to moderate-income communities respond. Watch or listen on demand.