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Does your work support people, places, the policy and practice of community development, or small-business development? Fed Communities has practical resources to help you in your role as a community development professional. Fed Communities is your gateway to community development insights from the United States central bank, including all 12 Federal Reserve Banks and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. 
Read stories of people across the nation and the challenges facing their communities, with a focus on workable solutions.
Get independent and nonpartisan research that aims to help workers, small business owners, and underserved communities across the nation.
What will best serve the needs of employers, workers, and communities? The Fed’s data can inform collaborative efforts between policymakers, employers, and educators.
Why is the Fed engaged in community development? 

Stable communities promote a more robust economy

Through applied research, public programs, outreach and technical assistance, the Fed’s community development departments help promote economic growth and financial stability in communities across the country.
The Fed’s community development experts share the inspirations and motivations behind their work.
Some things you cannot find in the data but can understand only through conversation.
I have to bridge the two worlds. What I’ve learned from both I try to share and exchange.
We couldn’t control what the [Serbian] government was doing to us. We can control how we treat each other.