Why is the Fed engaged in community development? 

Stable communities promote a more robust economy

Through applied research, public programs, outreach and technical assistance, Federal Reserve community development teams help promote economic growth and financial stability in low- and moderate-income communities across the country.

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Does your work support people, places, the policy and practice of community development, or small-business development? Fed Communities is a first stop for research, insights, data, and events for community development professionals from the United States central bank, including all 12 Federal Reserve Banks and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.
Here’s how people across the nation are working to address the economic challenges facing their local low- and moderate-income communities, with a focus on workable solutions.
Tap into discussions around independent and nonpartisan research that aims to help workers, small business owners, and underserved communities across the nation.
What will best serve the needs of employers, workers, and communities? From survey findings to dashboards, the Fed’s data can inform collaborative efforts between policymakers, employers, and educators.

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Working toward a more equitable economy takes skill, time, and a lot of heart. In our Inspire series, the Fed’s community development experts share what inspires and motivates their work.
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Small Business Credit Survey 2022
Help inform policy conversations and decision-making. Take the Federal Reserve Small Business Credit Survey, open September 8-November 4, 2022.
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What's the relationship among trends in local market conditions, policies enacted to protect renters, and local eviction filings? Here’s what the data tell us.
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Businesses tell us they're having a tough time hiring and retaining workers. Do people not want to work or is something deeper going on? We're conducting focus groups with workers to find out what's going on. Here's what we've learned so far.