Contributor: Philadelphia Fed

Bank of Bird-in-Hand mobile branch bus parked on the side of the road as a horse and buggy pass by.
By Alaina Barca, Crystal Flynn
Two community banks, Bank of Bird-in-Hand and BankOnBuffalo, combat banking deserts in a unique way by bringing access to financial services to the communities that they serve. 
White and red polka dot piggy bank with cash standing on cracked desert
By Fed Communities Staff
Discover banking deserts and potential ones using the Banking Deserts dashboard. This interactive dashboard provides census tract-level data of states and counties from 2019-2023.
Ashley Putnam speaking at a conference
By Allison Ulman
Ashley Putnam knows that change starts with listening. She leads programs that encourage organizations to think differently about their impact on communities.
Focused women working at a laundry service ironing clothes
By Patrick T. Harker
As we think of ways to build the strong economy of tomorrow, we cannot afford to […]
Older couple seated at a deli
By Gabriella Chiarenza
The New Jersey Economic Development Authority and the Philadelphia Fed teamed up to explore equitable post-pandemic recovery and credit access for the state’s small businesses using data from the Fed’s Small Business Credit Survey.
Worker voices special brief on job quality
By Theresa Dunne, Keith Wardrip
For Worker Voices participants, a quality job checks five boxes. Workers with a quality job are adequately compensated, treated well, secure in their position, given flexibility around hours and location, and engaged with the work.
Open Concept Office, Where a Work Meeting is Being Held
By Alison Shott
What can communities learn about creating equitable workforce systems? A lot with help from the Reinventing Our Communities cohort.
Woman working on an assembly line
By Fed Communities Staff
What do workers expect of job quality? How are they using skill development and self-investment to change their economic opportunities? Here’s what recent research tells us. Watch or listen on demand.
Worker Voices
By Sarah Miller, Merissa Piazza, Ashley Putnam, Kristen Broady
Worker Voices provides a unique view into how job seekers and workers in lower-wage roles navigated the labor market at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and through recovery—and how it changed what they expect from a job.
Worker Voices
By Sarah Miller, Merissa Piazza, Ashley Putnam, Kristen Broady
The Federal Reserve held focus groups with workers and job seekers with less than a bachelor’s degree, seeking to understand their perspectives and expectations on employment. Here’s what we heard.