Worker Voices


Worker Voices: Shifting perspectives and expectations on employment

Report team

Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller, Atlanta Fed

Ashley Putnam

Ashley Putnam, Philadelphia Fed

Merissa Piazza

Merissa Piazza, Cleveland Fed

Dr. Kristen Broady

Kristen Broady, Chicago Fed


Media: Please direct media inquiries to Monique Broughton Knight with the Atlanta Fed and Daneil Mazone with the Philadelphia Fed.

Research: Please direct inquiries about the research, data, and methodology in this report to Sarah Miller and Ashley Putnam.

Worker Voices is made possible through the collaboration across the Federal Reserve System of regional banks and community partners. The project team would like to thank Public Works Partners for their expertise and support through the focus groups of this research. The Federal Reserve Banks thank the more than 60 regional and community-based partner organizations who provided their support for the study by offering insight and assistance on contacting workers and job seekers who participated in the research. Moreover, we would like to sincerely thank the 1,243 individuals who applied to participate in this research and the 175 individuals who participated in the focus groups. Without their openness in sharing their experiences and the candor and respect with which they participated in every conversation, this research would not be possible.

The report team would like to especially thank Karen Leone de Nie from the Atlanta Fed and Theresa Singleton from the Philadelphia Fed for their leadership and support implementing and shaping this research. The team appreciates the thoughtful comments and guidance from the following Federal Reserve System colleagues: Keith Wardrip, Philadelphia Fed; Ann Carpenter, Atlanta Fed; Sara Chaganti, Boston Fed; Kyle Fee, Cleveland Fed; and Erick Garcia Luna, Minneapolis Fed. We also thank Federal Reserve visiting scholar Rosemary Frasso from Thomas Jefferson University for her guidance and feedback, as well as Carl Van Horn with the Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University. Additional thanks to our community reviewers Kelli Rhodes and Kerri Rhodes of Restore Education and Tyrone Hampton of Philadelphia Works for their comments.  

This research report would not be possible without the time and thoughtfulness of the qualitative coding team of Heidi Kaplan and Ellie Dries, Board of Governors; Marija Bingulac, Boston Fed; Taylor Griffin, Chicago Fed; Merissa Piazza, Cleveland Fed; and Katherine Townsend Kiernan, formerly of the Atlanta Fed.

Design and production of this report was made possible by the entire team at Fed Communities and with support from the public affairs teams at the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta and Philadelphia. Special thanks to Nancy Condon, Karen Mracek, Sherilyn Narker, and Lauren Offenberg at the Atlanta Fed; Johnny Haik, Bryan Littel, and Anahi Macauley at the Philadelphia Fed, and Anne O’Shaughnessy, Nicole Guilfoyle, Crystal Flynn, and Allison Ulman at Fed Communities.

The Worker Voices report was a collaborative approach across the Federal Reserve System. The project team would like to expressly thank the following individuals who offered their time and input to support this research.

Special thanks to all colleagues within the Federal Reserve System, especially the community affairs officers, for their ongoing support of Worker Voices.

Project design advisory team

Sarah Arteaga, Atlanta Fed

Samantha Evans, St. Louis Fed

Kyle Fee, Cleveland Fed

Erick Garcia Luna, Minneapolis Fed

Rebecca Gunn, Atlanta Fed

John Robertson, Atlanta Fed

Steven Shepelwich, Kansas City Fed

Lena Stepick, f. San Francisco Fed

Whitney Strifler, Atlanta Fed

Tiffany Hollin Wright, f. Richmond Fed

Community partner outreach and coordination

Kseniya Benderskaya, Dallas Fed

Jane Santa Cruz, Dallas Fed

Armida Riojas, Dallas Fed

Judy O’Malley, Dallas Fed

Alfred Breuer, Dallas Fed

Eli Stacy, Dallas Fed

Suchi Saxena, Chicago Fed

Jairo Duarte, Chicago Fed

Joselyn Cousins, San Francisco Fed

Jon Ford, San Francisco Fed

Lena Stepick, f. San Francisco Fed

Tony Davis, New York Fed

Edison Reyes, New York Fed

Samantha Evans, St. Louis Fed

Kyle Fee, Cleveland Fed

Merissa Piazza, Cleveland Fed

Erick Garcia Luna, Minneapolis Fed

Keenen Grooms, Boston Fed

Abadur Rahman, Boston Fed

Marija Bingulac, Boston Fed

Steven Shepelwich, Kansas City Fed

Tammy Edwards, f. Kansas City Fed

Jason Kosakow, Richmond Fed

Carrie Cook, Richmond Fed

Peter Dolkart, Richmond Fed

Jason Smith, Richmond Fed

Pamela Smith, Richmond Fed

Ericka Bell, Richmond Fed

Teesha Miller, Kansas City Fed

Project and research support

Elizabeth (Bogue) Simpson, Atlanta Fed

Katherine Kye, Atlanta Fed

Chris Keeney, Atlanta Fed

Bond Kraemer, Philadelphia Fed

Olivia Ness, Philadelphia Fed