Opportunity occupations: Four-year degrees aren’t the only route to success


Fed Communities Staff


Coleena Ali, vice president of resident services, Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority

We’ve been told for so many years that you have to have a college degree. That is the only route to success. Well, first of all, everyone doesn’t want to go to college. Everyone doesn’t have the aptitude to go to college. And then when you really think about it, should all jobs have a requirement to go to college? So being able to understand what those jobs are and what additional training may be needed.

Now, it may not be college, but it may be some training, it may be short-term training. Some of them may be a little bit longer, but having that access, that knowledge of it and making sure we can direct people to it. So it’s important. It actually helps the economy by having individuals that are working, successfully working and is making as much money as possible.

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