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Small Business Credit Survey 2022
By Emily Corcoran
Help inform policy conversations and decision-making. Take the Federal Reserve Small Business Credit Survey, open September 8-November 4, 2022.
Woman reading eviction notice in kitchen
By Hal Martin
What's the relationship among trends in local market conditions, policies enacted to protect renters, and local eviction filings? Here’s what the data tell us.
Two men and two women in focus group conversation
By Sarah Miller, Ashley Putnam
Businesses tell us they're having a tough time hiring and retaining workers. Do people not want to work or is something deeper going on? We're conducting focus groups with workers to find out what's going on. Here's what we've learned so far.
Shareable data on small businesses can be hard to come by. Now you can download ready-to-use presentation slides about employer firms. They’re full of insights from the Federal Reserve Small Business Credit Survey, and available by owner race/ ethnicity, industry, state, and more.
This report provides a snapshot of how the COVID-19 pandemic affected low-and moderate-income people and communities, and the organizations serving them, in August 2021. Explore key findings for workforce development and job service entities.
How much could US state gross domestic product (GDP) grow by closing racial and gender gaps in the labor market? We simulate how much GDP would have increased annually by eliminating gaps in earnings, hours worked, educational attainment, and employment.
Featured Story
Getting to ‘We Have a Deal’
Experience a unique Federal Reserve program that helps connect community-based organizations seeking funding with bankers looking for CRA-eligible investment opportunities.
Business Launch Boot Camp Retrospective
Pamela Richards holding tea cakes
Grand Opening, Frogtown Square, 2011
The 2022 Federal Reserve Community Development Research Seminar Series, Toward an Inclusive Recovery, will explore research illuminating issues critical to our economy and how the community development field can use findings to support a recovery that benefits everyone.
Federal Reserve community development researchers, analysts, and outreach specialists share what inspires and motivates them.
I was thrilled to find that my love for data, statistics, and social sciences could be combined in a way that had a social impact.
Philadelphia Fed
It has become clear just how important it is to share the voices of real people with policy makers to help inform their decision-making.
Atlanta Fed
Partnerships can make credit more accessible and, in turn, small businesses—and the families and communities they support—more successful.
Cleveland Fed
The United States economy needs to work for everyone. We commit to doing our part, both in the work we produce and in how we engage with people and issues relating to race and racial inequity in America.