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By Fed Communities Staff
Discover how CDFIs are faring in today’s economy. Learn about their products and services, existing challenges, and potential solutions revealed by the Federal Reserve’s latest CDFI survey. Watch or listen on demand.
2023 Small Business Credit Survey (SBCS)
By Emily Corcoran
Help inform policy conversations and decision-making. Take the Federal Reserve Small Business Credit Survey.
Open Concept Office, Where a Work Meeting is Being Held
By Alison Shott
What can communities learn about creating equitable workforce systems? A lot with help from the Reinventing Our Communities cohort.
Needing to put a reserve of public assistance dollars to active use, Tennessee chose to invest in tackling the benefits cliff. State funding jumpstarted a pilot program based in the expertise and community roots of local anti-poverty organizations. Over three years, the pilot will help 900 families navigate benefits cliffs. Experts are closely watching this innovative large-scale approach to see what lessons it may offer for other communities and national strategies.
For Worker Voices participants, a quality job checks five boxes. Workers with a quality job are adequately compensated, treated well, secure in their position, given flexibility around hours and location, and engaged with the work.
From April 24 through June 2, 2023, the Federal Reserve fielded the 2023 CDFI Survey. Here’s what 453 CDFIs said about their financial well-being, demand for products and services, innovation, impacts of rising costs and higher wages, and the road ahead.
Small-dollar credit, like loans under $1,000, can help people handle unexpected expenses or income fluctuations. Can it help some consumers stay afloat? Read takeaways from the Federal Reserve’s July 2023 issue of Consumer & Community Context.
Federal Reserve community development researchers, analysts, and outreach specialists share what inspires and motivates them.
I’m trying to better understand which low- and moderate-income populations are in a more stable situation and how they got there. What can we do to expand those types of opportunities?
Kansas City Fed
[The COVID-19 pandemic] really drove home the point of how health impacts the economy. It just exacerbated inequalities that were already in existence in society.              
New York Fed
We ‘set the table’ in our communities by focusing on how we can create a safe and neutral environment where people feel included to discuss issues.                           
San Francisco Fed
OCTOBER 12, 2023

Navigating the Benefits Cliffs – Barriers and Solutions
The United States economy needs to work for everyone. We commit to doing our part, both in the work we produce and in how we engage with people and issues relating to race and racial inequity in America.