Young adults from The C.O.F.F.E.E. Project build a composting system
By Kierra Karemani
“Our lending partners have made huge financial commitments to increase minority homeownership.” Carrie Davis of Wealth Watchers shares how the Community Reinvestment Act has helped banks meet the needs of communities.
Lucas Misera
By Stacey Guinn
Get to know Lucas Misera, a policy analyst at the Cleveland Fed, and his work on the Federal Reserve's Small Business Credit Survey.
Vijay Palaparty Closeup
By Fed Communities Staff
“Being neighbors means knowing you are valued, in whatever forms that takes,” says Vijay Palaparty. Get to know what inspires his communications work at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.
Bina Shrimali speaks at SF Fed panel
By Kierra Karemani
Get to know Bina Shrimali and her approach to community development research at the San Francisco Fed.
By Kierra Karemani
Get to know Dell Gines and his work to support entrepreneurship ecosystems and small businesses owned by people of color.
Philadelphia Chinatown Gates
By Michelle Park Lazette
When the COVID-19 pandemic spread here, the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation used Paycheck Protection Program money to help residents and businesses. More support will be necessary.
Assisted Living
By Benjamin Horowitz
"Customers told us, 'You saved our businesses. You saved jobs. We wouldn't have made it if you guys weren't here and didn't walk us through this.'"
Marija Bingulac with her dog
By Kierra Karemani
For Marija Bingulac, a commitment to overturning inequities is bound(ary)less. Get to know the Boston Fed community development researcher.
Rob Grunewald and family
By Greg Babb
Get to know Rob Grunewald and his research to improve workforce and economic outcomes through a focus on early education and child care.
Andrew Dumont
By Kierra Karemani
“Shining a light on inequities that prevent people from reaching their full potential—I feel blessed that I get to do that every day," says Andrew Dumont. Get to know Andrew and his work in rural development.